Graduate Student Newsletter - Week of September 16, 2019

  1. Trying to enroll in a course that is full:
    • Please be aware that only the Course Director can provide permission to increase the size of their class beyond the established maximum, and the fire code of the room is also a factor.
    • Check the FGS website for the dates to add or drop courses. There is still time!
      • Until that time please check back online for empty seats. There is constant movement in courses, and if someone drops a course, a space will open immediately in the system.
    • If you would like to enroll in a course in a different Graduate Program, you will need to complete, have signed and submit the Course Transaction Form.
  2. Please be sure to check the important dates page for registration and enrollment deadlines.
  3. Deadline for SSHRC and OGS applications approaching!
  4. Reminder! Students who have TA and/or GA contracts and who are not “Registered Active” will not get paid.
  5. Reminder! Students should link their banking information to their student accounts for the ease of refunds on your student account.
  6. Remember to set up and/or update your Student Financial Profile (SFP), if you are a full-time student. The SFP must be completed when applying for scholarships and/or bursaries.
    1. Apply for a bursary in the fall-winter term between November 17 and January 25.
  7. If you have passed your second term and are completing an MRP or Thesis, or if you are a Doctoral student and have passed your sixth term, please be sure to complete a Supervisor & Supervisory Committee Approval form and submit it to the graduate program office immediately. Please find further details on the checklists.
  8. FGS’s policy on Graduate Supervision can be found here
  9. Attention regarding advertisement of final oral exam: Oral exams are normally a public academic event. However, if the student and the supervisor prefer not to have the exam public, they must inform the Graduate Office in Education upon submission of the Recommendation for Oral Examination form.
  10. Feel free to join our Facebook group and post articles, events and other information that you think is relevant to your fellow students! You can also visit our direct Facebook page.


  1. The deadline for the online application to graduate in October 2019 passed on July 31, 2019.
  2. The online application to graduate in absentia in February 2020 is now open. Apply by October 24, 2019 to make sure your application is processed in time.Since there is no February ceremony, you will automatically be invited to the June convocation ceremony. You will receive an invitation to RSVP for the June ceremony approximately four to six weeks before the June convocation.
  3. Please see the following February graduation/convocation information/links.
    • Your status will not be projected anywhere online, and we will only contact you directly if there are any issues with your degree audit. Read this “Graduate in Feb” attachment for additional important details.
    • If you have applied to graduate and have not received an email from us during the audit process, you are all set to attend convocation and must go to the Convocation Website for further information on next steps and how to R.S.V.P.
    • If you are requesting to graduate with a Diploma be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Graduate in Feb (Here is  the "Convocation Information - Diploma" form mentioned in the attachment).
    • If you are enrolled in Fall courses: Kindly inform the course director that you have applied to graduate, and that your final grade (this can be an interim grade) will need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the December FGS deadline in order for you to graduate in February. The sooner you inform the course director, the sooner we can work together on getting your final grade posted on time.
    • October 2019 graduates: If you are not attending convocation and want to pick up/request the mailing of your diploma after October convocation, you can do so at Registrarial Services (W120 Bennett Centre for Student Services).  Please see the info on the convocation site prior to picking up (

Resources and Updates

  1. All York University students, faculty members and staff have access to professional online learning courses for free.
  2. Graduate Program Calendar:
  3. Understanding your student account: The following link takes you through an overview that has been developed to assist you in navigating the various financial processes relevant to graduate studies. It is divided into 3 primary categories accessible through the tabs on the page.
  4. Reminder for submission of all forms and to ensure they are accepted and processed:
    1. Students are fully responsible for the download, completion, and submission of forms to their graduate program. Students must attach any correspondence that supports their request at the time of submission.
    2. The Graduate Program in Education (GPE) office is unable to accept any incomplete forms, so be sure to have all required signatures (emails in lieu of) and required documentation in a complete package before submitting (hardcopy or email) any forms.
  5. Accommodations for Graduate Students.

Events, Conferences and Workshops

  • New! Doctoral SSHRC/OGS Application Workshop: Considering to apply for SSHRC scholarship and Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), please make sure to attend this workshop on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 2-3:30 pm, Room 283A WC. It is an informative and helpful workshop led by Professor John Ippolito, Judy Tse and Josefina Rueter Veiga.
  • Info Sessions & Workshops from FGS for graduate students:The Faculty of Graduate Studies will be offering workshops to students on scholarship proposal writing on the following dates. The sessions are primarily for students who are applying for a Tri-Council and OGS scholarship, but others interested in learning about developing strong scholarship applications may find it helpful:
    • Workshops on Writing Effective Proposals – Masters (The two sessions are identical)
      • Session #1: Tuesday, October 1, 9:30am-11:30am, 280N York Lanes
      • Session #2: Friday, October 11, 9:30am-11:30am, 280N York Lanes
  • York Career Centre Activities & Workshops: For detailed information on career workshops, please click on Career Centre's September calendar.
  • New! On Campus Drop-in Writing Group: Needing the push to get writing, join fellow graduate students & faculty every Tuesday for a 3-hour drop-in session using Pomodoro Technique. Session dates: September 10th to December 3rd, 12pm - 3pm, Kaneff Tower, 7th Floor lounge. Click here for details.
  • New! Book Launch: Words Have A Past: The English Language, Colonialism, and the Newspapers of Indian Boarding Schools by Dr. Jane Griffith. Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 6 pm. University of Toronto Press & The Catalyst at FCAD - Mackenzie House, 82 Bond Street, Toronto. Click here for details.
  • New! Robert Centre Open House - Meet and Greet: Interested in Canadian Studies, please join meet and greet event on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 2-3pm - 7th Floor, Kaneff Tower, York University. Click here for details.
  • International Conference at York: Feminist Explorations of Urban Futures - September 26-28. See details at 
  • Call for submissions: Invitation to faculty, staff and graduate students to submit a presentation proposal for the 2020 CSSE Annual Conference in London, ON, 30 May to 4 June 2020 (pre-conferences on 30 May 2020). Presentation proposals can be submitted to 1 October 2019 by going to our website: I have also attached a Call for Presentations flyer for your convenience.
  • Call for contributions: Interested in contributing to a national feminist judgement project? No need to identify with a particular kind of feminism, nor as a female, but must have a working sense of what feminism means in relations to their work and be willing to commit to a research endeavour that will challenge them to think and write about the law in a different way. Click here for details. Submission deadline extended to September 30th. 
  • Call for graduate student submissions: The Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education (JCIHE) is soliciting Graduate Student Research-In-Progress to share new research that will help to set the tone for current and emerging issues in the field. Articles should be 500-1,000 words.  Articles should include: what is being studied, how it is being studied (methods section), how the research contributes to comparative and international higher education, and what the main take-away of the research will be. All articles will undergo a blind-review peer-editing process. The submission deadline is October 11, 2019.

Employment/Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Limited Term Appointment in Teaching English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics, Concordia University. Click here for details on how to apply.
  2. Lecturer in Teacher Education - French, Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Apply by October 31st, 2019.
  3. Publisher at Briarpatch Magazine in Regina, Saskatchewan. For details, please click on the link:

Please note: Information regarding employment opportunities is provided for your information only. York University does not pre-screen, review, endorse or approve employers or employment/volunteer opportunities, and is not responsible for any of the hiring processes or positions. If you have any questions about positions, please work with the employer directly.